Service & Maintenance

Vee Drive Servicing

We are a fully equipped work shop that can ensure your equipment is in perfect running order. All work is performed by our fully qualified Technicians and have years of experience and knowledge.

Scheduled Maintenance

Our Technicians are fully qualified and have years of experience and knowledge. Schedule maintenance is best done in the off season when your boat and equipment is less used, keeping it in perfect condition all year round.


Keeping your vessel serviced and maintained is essential for reliability and safe boating. After personally owning and servicing over 15 of our own boats over the years, we know what is required to keep a boat in top-notch condition. 

 Insurance Repair Specialist

The process of insurance quoting and repairs can be an annoying and drawn out affair. At Prop Shop Marine we work closely with the insurers with the aim to turn around your repair work as quickly as possible. We include labour, repairs (including fibreglass) and new parts on the one quote, which makes us a one-stop shop for quick and experienced workmanship.

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Trading Hours

Monday - Thursday 8:00am - 5:00pm
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